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Daffodils Preschool nurtures and assists children as they develop confidence and prepare for life. It is a school where academic and spiritual growth go hand in hand.

Learning the right answers will get your child through school. Learning how to learn will get your child through life!

In a world of rapid change and new discoveries, your child will need to adapt to change and learn entirely new skills throughout his or her life. Today's essential lesson is learning how to learn.

The most important years in your child's education are not high school and college, but the first twelve years of life. This is when your child's character and values, self-image, basic skills and knowledge, and appreciation for culture and arts are formed.

Daffodils Preschool offers your child a world class education of the mind along with an education of the heart that will nurture her or his self-confidence, personal creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

At Daffodils Preschool, your child will learn how to think, observe, and reflect; not memorize and quickly forget. Instead of giving your child the right answers, we will ask the right questions, and lead your child to discover new answers for him or herself. Learning will become its own reward,and each success will fuel the child's desire to discover something new.

Your child's ultimate discovery will be his or her true potential as a human being.

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28 Years of Experience

Daffodils Preschool is serving in the education field from the last 28 years with pride and excellence..


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Educational programs designed to help children achieve their full potential.

Our programs for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education go far beyond to focus on the integration of social and emotional development with academic learning in K-12 education, to help students maximise their potential.

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